It’s Only a Jigsaw, Silly

Every so often, I wake up with something really profound screaming in my head.

Sometimes I forget to write it down, or think that, because it was SO profound, that I will surely remember is later.


jigsaw This morning, I woke up comparing jigsaw puzzles and relationships. As I researched it, I found that, even though profound, it is not unique. But here goes.

Relationships are like jigsaw puzzles:

  • Some puzzles are simpler than others; hence, they can be put together quicker and easier.
  • None of them are easy. But, the easier they are, the less satisfying they are.
  • There are many pieces that on their own are pretty and unique ~ but together they make a beautiful creation.
  • The smaller and more intricate the pieces are, the longer it takes to put the puzzle together; but, when that puzzle is complete, it is a work of art.
  • If a piece is missing or misshapen, the puzzle can still be completed. You may have to work harder to finish it.
  • When you get stuck (because you will at some point), it’s best to give it a rest.
  • Sometimes, you have to put it back in its box and up on the shelf because it just wasn’t the right puzzle for you.
  • Some people have the curiosity and endurance to complete them; some don’t.
  • If you get one that you don’t like or can’t figure out, you CAN find another one that suits you better.

In the end, jigsaw puzzles and relationships can be as challenging and as satisfying as you want them to be.

Like anything in life, the choice is yours.

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