The Dark Side

spooky-dark-foggy-landscape-17989098Apparently, there comes a time in everyone’s life when the dark rules. Or, at least tries to rule.

By dark, I mean self-defeating thoughts, looking and dwelling on the past, anger, confusion, dread, mistrust.

Even hatred.

No matter what caused it, it is there and you can’t seem to make it go away. Can’t get things to be back the way they used to be. Back into the light of day. No matter how hard you try or what tricks of the past you employ.

Different people have different methods of battling the dark.

They rationalize or flat out deny its existence. They fill the dark void with an array of entertainment to keep their mind from having to deal with the reason for the dark. Lots of people, places, things, actions.

Some constantly keep the light shining, somehow, even into the darkest corners. Whether it is because they truly feel the warmth of the light, or they are trying to convince themselves and all the onlookers that it is there….I can’t tell you which. Maybe a combination of both.

At some point, everyone has to make a stand against the dark.

This stand does not necessarily need to be a line in the sand. But, I guess it might be, if things get bad enough.

01-spotlightWill it be a flashlight, a floodlight, an illumination from above? Flushing out the doubts, the haze, the clouds, the encroaching twilight.

Or will it be a plunge, merging, with the dark? Immersion, enveloping you and removing the urge to fight.

Maybe it will be a line in the sand, to which you both toe the line. Egg the dark on and dare it to come closer.

Is it possible to simply turn your back on the dark? Like night….and day. Turn one way into the darkness. Turn the other way into the warmth of the light.

No switch involved. Just turning of the heel and changing direction. Leaving the dark crevasse, or the things that created that dark place, behind in its inky dwelling. Slimy, cold, deathly.

Choosing the light over day would be easier for those who have felt the light, who previously have resided and basked in the light. They feel the light and they know the comfort it brings, so they have a memory to go back to. To seek. For which to long.

But, I guess for those who may not have ever felt the warmth of light, this process might be much more difficult. For all they know of is the false comfort of dark. How it hides things, masks reality, is a temporary correction for something that really needs to just come into the light of day.

sun-sunlight-24299247In the end, the sun always rises. Every morning. Even the blanket cannot keep it out.

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