About Me

What do you want to know?

I recently moved to Austin, Texas from Houston in July with my 2 teenagers, a rescue dog named Sugar and a rescue cat named Mojo. Many people asked me: “Why move?” and “Why Austin?” Why not? I had been in Houston way too long and change, considering my childhood, was imminent. As for the answer to “Why Austin?”…why not? I love Austin and the laid back approach to life here. I am not a hippie by any means; but I guess I could become one.

I work from home and love it. I like being able to make my own schedule and not have to stand around at the coffee machine or the water cooler engaging in senseless banter. Much easier to engage in senseless banter over Google Talk where at least I can end the conversation quickly. I like being able to work in my jammies or work on the deck with the breeze blowing. I like not having to fight the nastiness of Austin rush hour traffic, unless I want to. And, believe me, I never want to.

I am a reader and a thinker. I love to travel and eat and cook. I am also athletic. You will see posts quite frequently thematically driven by running, cycling, or working out. These are meant to keep me motivated as much as I hope they will keep you motivated as well.

I tend to write about issues or thoughts that strike me out of the blue, grab on to my brain, and don’t let go. I find that I can post items that fall into this category about once a week, sometimes more. At the very least, if I have not experienced something that grabs me viciously, I will post thoughts for the day or just random quick blurbs. So, as you can see, there is no pattern to my topics. They are quite random.

I hope you will enjoy my blog. Feel free to comment or give me feedback regarding what you would like to see in a post.




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