Thoughts For The Days

June 1 ~ “When you try your best, but you don’t succeed
When you get what you want, but not what you need…..when you love someone but it goes to waste.” Sounds familiar. But I do love Coldplay…and I promise I won’t try to fix you!

June 2 ~ I don’t care what Calvin Klein says. Obsession is not a good thing, especially if it keeps you up at night.

June 3 ~ “It’s better to burn out than fade away.” Uh huh…that’s what I’m sayin’

June 4 ~ The words ‘can’t’, ‘won’t’, and ‘don’t’ all mean the same thing: something isn’t getting done. The difference between the words is in the reason it’s not getting done. Know your reason and don’t get them confused.

June 7 ~ Reflecting backwards, you might ask what you did wrong. The answer that probably comes back: nothing. The inevitable question is always: then what happened and why are we here.

June 8 ~ When you give a piece of yourself to someone, you count on them to hold it safe. It is then that you become vulnerable. ~ paraphrased from Trail of Broken Wings by Sejal Badar

June 12 ~ You can’t succeed if you won’t allow yourself to trudge through the mud and get a little dirty.

June 13 ~ “Some instances in life create a bread trail to a moment that alters everything.” ~ Trail of Broken Wings by Sejal Badar

June 14 ~ Sometimes, there are no words…only acronyms. WTAF.

June 15 ~ “…and I’ll take everything as it comes my way.” ~ lyrics from You by Candlebox

June 16 ~ Be flexible (yet firm in your standards) with everything, or be flattened and left in the dust.

June 20 ~ When you hear a song that brings you back to a place you are not sure you want to go…but, you know that you can’t go.

June 23 ~ Strap in and take cover! It could be yet another bumpy ride. Who needs a roller coaster? Not me!!

June 28 ~ “To be a winner, you have to have something you’re fighting for.”

June 29 ~ “Compassion is the awakening of the heart from self-interest to humanity. Compassion condones suffering – recognizes that suffering is [part of] life.” ~ The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell

June 30 ~ Life is full of options, open doors, and other opportunities. In love and other relationships, we all start out as options. The goal is to not remain an option forever and to be the one who stays around.

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