Thoughts for the Days in March

March 2 ~ Consistency matters.

March 16 ~ Your work ethic is a reflection of you.

March 19 ~ I don’t care who you are voting for in this upcoming election, nor what party you affiliate with. Frankly, I don’t think there are any viable candidates available. But, please do not debase the political process nor the opinions and beliefs of others by defaulting to name calling. Name calling is a dirty schoolyard tactic that we all should have left on the schoolyard decades ago. It is merely a nasty way of bringing another person (or party) down to an emotional level to either avoid or dilute the facts. Use your words, research the topics, and be able to speak intelligently and like an adult, with other adults, like-minded or not. If you can’t say something intelligent and constructive, don’t say anything at all. To use name calling as a debate tactic is juvenile, fruitless, and only serves to further divide people.

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