Image of Austin Live: SXSW

SXSW (aka South by Southwest) is a huge annual festival  that occurs in Austin.

It is a defining element of the flavor of Austin – a blend of film, music, and technology – in an atmosphere of defined comaraderie and exploration by thousands of like-minded travelers from all over – including Austinites!

While the event showcases much more than music, it is the music that I am most passionate about. So, when I go, that is what I focus on. That, and the flair that accompanies it – the people, the places, the things. One more reason I love Austin!

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Trailer food park 2

Just one of the trailer food parks in Austin – this one is specifically for SXSW. When you go, make sure to try the Chocolate Truffles, and other tasty treats, at Boteca!

Cantina lunch

For a unique blend of Tex-Mex cuisine, try Licha’s Cantina. The Ceviche and the Pastor-Bacon-Chorizo Quesadillas were fabulous. Don’t forget to get a margarita – powerful and tasty!

Cantina lunch 2

The front porch at Licha’s Cantina

Oxymoron in a chop shop

A new quintessential Austin experience – a true garage band. This was the band Oxymoron. Check them out at

Cool in the chop shop

Colorful and creative Austin

Trailer food park

The other half of the trailer food park. When in Austin, you must try trailer food!

Rapping rock on Rainey

I didn’t get the name of this band, but they skillfully combined rap with pretty decent rock – Eminem-style. Impressive.

Hyatt atrium

The atrium in the Hyatt Regency



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