Run Trump – RUN!

I formally gave up following politics after the 2012 election. I was disheartened by so many things.

  • The dishonesty of every politician in the field
  • The drama of the process
  • The naivete and apathy of the American people
  • The absence of hope
  • The lies and scandal
  • Wait….I believe I am repeating myself

When the Obamas were elected for a second term, I was not so much devastated as I was appalled at a process and a people who could be so blind and so stupid.

Then even the most liberal of liberals – both in my network of friends and in the news (what whiffs I caught of it on Facebook and superficial conversations with acquaintances and colleagues) began to mumble, grumble, and stir, They were beginning to turn. Democrats and liberals were beginning to realize, and admit (oh my) the folly of their paths. Maybe Obama was not the solution, the messiah, the “one”.

It wasn’t until the full negative impact of ObamaCare began to blow the clouds away from the misty-eyed view of the liberals that they began to realize what a fucked up concept it really was – that I began to think that maybe there was hope.

But was it too little, too late?

This past week I began watching the news again. It should come as no surprise that I am a staunch conservative. I believe and try to live basic values, principles, tenets and to respect the rights of everyone without going to the extreme. At the same time that I am a conservative, I am also a free thinker. I can think outside of the box that our society, and politics, put us in.

While watching the news program, I was watching “The O’Reilly Factor” and saw a piece about Donald Trump running in the primaries. Wow, Trump is running for President? I had to sit back and think about that for a minute.

He is nothing if not arrogant and flamboyant. He is not polished and is outspoken, probably to a fault at times.

The complete opposite of a career politician. Just what this country needs.

Imagine a president who:

  • says what he means and means what he says
  • backs up his words with actions and consequences
  • has real life and real business background and experience
  • is not afraid to be hated
  • has experience balancing a budget and making a profit
  • can identify a bad business at its face value and turn it into a good one

It has always been my gut feeling that this country needs a transfusion – a new breath into its political system, its policies, its players.

Ross Perot could not pull it off in 1992 and 1996 for a few reasons. He did not have the charisma that Donald Trump has. But, even more important, he could not springboard off of the incredible dissatisfaction back then that there now seems to be in 2015.

Twenty years of frustration, excessive taxation, bungled social programs, rampant government spending, abuse of personal liberties, and so much more, can have that effect.

I say now – Run Trump, Run. If all his presence in this election does is wake everyone up to the light of what is really happening, that would work for me.

Not sure about you, but my eyes are starting to flutter and I am beginning to stir.

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