Only Another New Year – What’s The Big Deal?

calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutions-572x433The conventional approach to a new year never seems to change.

Reflect on how the past 365 days was not the best.

Focus on how things  can change for the better in the next 365 days.

Identify behaviors and actions to change to make a better life.

Be hopeful.

Be positive.

Friends post on Facebook and elsewhere about how the past year was so terrible. How this year will be different. Group support.

But, inevitably, at the end of 365 days, we will find those same friends posting the same sentiments again. How this past year was non-productive, traumatic, disastrous, hateful.

“I’m so glad to say goodbye to this year.”

It’s a repetitive cycle of unfulfilled dreams and expectations.

new-year-resolutionThe new year resolution is like an addiction, a pattern of behavior that is almost impossible to break.

Is it because the expectations are set too high? Or is it because we become weak – unable to permanently change our ways – and slip back into choices and actions that we are comfortable with but that lead us into trouble over and over again?

The new year resolution is an excuse to say that we tried, we set a goal…but in the end another new year is coming up in 330 days, or 250 days, or 10 days.

Another chance at a new start, a new perspective…a new year. Again.

I say…what’s the big deal about a new year?

Instead, actively work daily to identify changes that need to be made in perspective, choices, thoughts, actions.

  • Take note of your achievements daily
  • Record your expectations, dreams, prayers daily
  • Review the above, daily
  • Account for the daily blessings you receive, no matter how small they are

Bottom line: the concept of a “new year” represents a new beginning. New beginnings should be welcomed. But maybe a new beginning that has a finite beginning and a finite end isn’t fair to anyone. Change is gradual, and difficult to measure in the best of circumstances. It is subjective and objective at the same time. Perhaps chunking it into smaller measurements will help to make it more achievable and better appreciated.

Don’t throw away the new year resolution. Just give yourself space and time to grow into it.

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2 thoughts on “Only Another New Year – What’s The Big Deal?

  1. Pam Baldwin says:

    Wonderful way with words Kim. I too reflected on 2013, but I never reflected on failures – ONLY the many, many blessings God showered on me. I do take stock everyday of my shortcomings and thank the Lord for His boundless mercies and blessings – you’re hanging with the wrong crowd if the negative is all they see in their past year. You’re welcome in my world ANYTIME!!!!!

    • Irunsolo says:

      Thanks! I do the same…that’s why the concept of a “new year” is superfluous to me. My scope is a new day! And I am extremely blessed with friends who operate only in the positive. I try to share that blessing with those who might need a little help moving from the negative to the positive. If they don’t want to move, I move on!

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