Of Goals and Ruts

I have no problems setting a goal.

I usually don’t have problems maintaining progress toward my goal, either. I can maintain focus on a goal for long periods of time.

I talk about it. I insert its necessities and requirements into the line items of my day. I blog about it. It becomes part of my definition of me. Sometimes, it even becomes part of my friends’ definition of me.

While that feels good and inspirational, it can be a burden. Especially when I don’t achieve my goal.

Because, now and then…I get sidetracked. I hit a rut where the goal is jilted out of first place on my list.

It’s not that the goal ceases to pervade my thoughts. I know the goal and the path to get to it. To some extent, it continues to reside in my subconscious. There it is most often cloaked in guilt and excuses. As each day passes, another forgotten promise accompanies the jilted goal out the door. And, like clockwork, each day they both return, smiles and hope, with another chance for me to take up their cause once again.

Each time this happens, I don’t realize it until it is too late. Too late for me to pick it up again from where I left off. Instead, I have to start all over. And each time it happens I think back and wonder how it happened.

Did other things take precedence?

Or did I get lazy?

Maybe it was only the meandering quality of the journey I am on that led me down a different path?

Usually, it’s a mix of all of these.

To get back on track, I need inspiration. Something new. A breath of fresh air.

A new friend, a new need, a new view into another reality where I can see the advantages of what might have been if I had carried my goal to the end.

Basically, I need a kick in the ass.

And then I begin again and hope to either see the goal to the end this time or get a little bit further next time before I succumb to the forces that drag my attention and energy away.

It’s a good thing that I believe every day to truly be a new day.  That belief shares the podium with a forward looking mentality that keeps me from looking back over my shoulder and beating myself up for shortfalls and lack of success.


Without that hope, of another chance to make a difference, I might never get back on track, might never get out of the rut, to gain momentum, to move forward again to achieve better and brighter things.

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