Note to National Tire And Battery – Part 2

A few weeks ago, I verbally trashed National Tire and Battery (NTB) on this blog.

I did it respectfully (I hope) and included the facts, which spoke for themselves.

It would be fair then, that if National Tire and Battery were to make things right, that I should applaud them.

So here it goes…

To start with, I did not expect anything positive to result from the letter that I wrote to them. In fact, I didn’t expect any response at all because my attempts at this approach in the past have resulted in either no corporate response or unsatisfactory response.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t use this approach often. I only take the time and energy when the situation is egregiously wrong. And the minute I send it, I let the situation go; I wait to see what happens.

This time, something happened. On Tuesday, the Area Sales Manager for NTB-Southeast Houston contacted me.

Wow! I still don’t know what I was most impressed by:

  • Maybe it was that he even bothered to call.
  • Maybe it was that he was so transparent and apologetic, on both a personal level and a corporate level.
  • Maybe it was the fact that he listened to my concerns, my frustration, my stress, even though he had probably read about it in my letter and it was all a rehash for him.
  • Maybe it was because he showed empathy, not just understanding.
  • Maybe it was because he didn’t judge me for the things that I failed to do.
  • Maybe it was because he looked at the positive ramifications and truly wanted to make amends to all parties.

Whatever it was, the Area Sales Manager restored my faith in people, and, to a certain degree in corporate ethics. There are still good people and good companies that are not afraid to do the right thing by people and by their consumers.

As a result of this incident,  I will use NTB in the future for my tire needs. I won’t use them because they agreed to my requests for compensation (they gave me everything I asked for!)

I will use them because they did the right thing…and that is the most important element to me.

When people do the right thing, everyone wins.


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