How Grapefruit Helps In Weight Loss

depositphotos_6156209-Grapefruit-juice-and-fruit[1]It works because of something called flavenoids. Flavenoids are basically a form of antioxidant and can be found in certain foods. Flavenoids work by interacting with other substances in the human body. As a result of this interaction, they are thought to have significant health benefits.  In addition to the antioxidant qualities associated with flavenoids, those flavenoids contained in grapefruit have fat-burning qualities as well. To learn more about how the flavenoids in grapefruit work, click this link.

But, the research is still coming in. Most of it has been performed only on lab mice. And, the researchers responsible for those studies are quick to point out that the same results that occur for lab mice cannot be applied to humans. In other words, a human would have to consume extreme quantities of grapefruit in order to produce measurable weight loss.

Regardless of the non-transferable characteristics of the lab studies, it still makes sense to me. I would rather eat a natural food that contains antioxidants, and thereby take a chance of boosting my overall health and, in the case of grapefruit consumption, losing weight rather than not consume it and take the chance that I will have to pop pills or other chemicals later on to keep something like cancer under control.HypothesisOfTheLinks[1]

It is a tradeoff that I try to maintain on a daily basis.

If you look at it from another angle: grapefruit not only has antioxidants that possibly produce fat-burning results, but it is also a low-calorie and healthy snack food choice. If you consider that the most effective way of losing weight is to reduce your caloric intake while increasing exercise, then snacking on grapefruit makes so much more sense than a bag of chips or a cookie.

Grapefruit is not the only food that contains flavenoids. There are many delicious fruits and vegetables that contain flavenoids. To learn more, click this link.


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