Diary of New Year Resolution: Week 4

Week 4 was a much better week in the pursuit of my resolution.

Three nights at the gym instead of none – that works for me.

Monday night workout included 2 miles of interval training on the treadmill, completed around a set of strength building with weights and some core conditioning.

  • The interval training I did was the 4th level in a 15-step fat-burning plan that was designed for me by a trainer at the gym.
  • The plan was created for me based on the results of the CardioPoint test I completed in August 2012.
  • This particularly level included 6 reps of the following: 2 minutes/2 minutes/1 minute at increasing heart rates.
  • This routine trains the body to burn fat more efficiently, thus increasing endurance, and ultimately, as the body burns fuel more effiently, it can perform faster and stronger.
  • Crucial training for runners.
  • The part I love about it is that after following this type of training, I can work out for longer periods of time and not feel so tired.

Dinner: Fettucine with Onion Sauce (The Family Circle Cookbook: New Tastes for New Times).


Tuesday night workout included over a mile of laps of breaststroke.

True Confession: I realized I am truly getting bored of the breast stroke. I almost have myself convinced to sign up for some private swimming lessons so that I can learn how to efficiently perform a different stroke, specifically the front crawl.

Dinner: Macaroni with Four Cheeses (The Family Circle Cookbook: New Tastes for New Times).


Wednesday night workout included 45 minutes of weight lifting and core conditioning. I really need to build the muscle so that I can burn my fat.

Dinner: Whey of Life Smoothie (from the LifeCafe at the gym).


Thursday Dinner: Sauteed Turkey with Raspberry-Orange Sauce and Mixed Salad.


Snack of the Week: Grapefruit. I lost 3 pounds this week and I attribute it to the grapefruit. DSCF1790


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