Diary of New Year Resolution: Week 2

All of the meals I prepared for this post can be found in Provencal Light.

Day 7

Gym day, late in the evening after arriving back in Austin.

I usually don’t like to work out this late in the day, but, in January, it is probably not a bad thing because it avoids all the feel-good gym users who are working on New Year resolutions of their own but who will, sadly, all be gone by February.

Not much cardio in this workout, except to warm up and cool down. About a total of a mile on the treadmill.

Two reps of my circuit instead of my usual 1 rep:

  • ball crunches
  • Bosu curls
  • assisted pull-ups
  • ball push-ups
  • side plank raises
  • reverse lunges with overhead press
  • Romanian deadlifts
  • ball skull-crushers
  • squats
  • leg extensions

Dinner: Actually, a late lunch at Olive Garden in Houston with my son and a friend. Five-cheese Ziti and the amazing Olive Garden salad. Oh, and two stuffed mushrooms and fried calamari. No pics this time, sorry!

Rant of the Day: People, please put your equipment away when you leave!

Day 8

Another gym day, but only to run my long run on the treadmill instead of running it outside like I usually do. It has been stormy, rainy, and cold here in Austin; so much so that as much as I hate the gym at this time of year, I will battle it to get my workout done.

I added in some weights at the end:

  • twisted situps
  • leg extensions
  • bosu curls

Dinner:Leftovers from last week.

Day 9

Swim and sauna today. Added distance and didn’t have to swim in the kiddie pool.

A Facebook friend asked about my meal descriptions and whether or not I was planning to list what I eat for breakfast and lunch. I thought about that. The only meal I plan out is dinner. The other ‘meals’ that I eat throughout the day are only really healthy snacks strung together, eaten when I feel hungry. Ultimately, that means a snack every 2 hours.

Some of the things I snack on regularly:

  • unsalted almonds
  • cottage cheese
  • turkey or chicken slices
  • peanut butter
  • dried fruits, like prunes and apricots.

Dinner: Batterfried Oysters with Vietnamese Curry Sauce at Eddie V’s.

Random thought for the day: I’m glad that the only stroke I swim is the breaststroke. It may not be mainstream or the preferred stroke for laps, but it sure does discourage people from wanting to share a lane with me when there are no lanes free.

Follow-up thought: The Vick’s rub in the sauna appears to be an intential addition that the club puts in the steam. It was back today, just not as strong. This time, it actually felt good to breathe it in.

Day 10

Rest day.

Dinner: Light Salade Nicoise.

Day 11

Rest day. Not by choice, but by necessity and deference to the almighty dollar. Work called, and I answered. What I should have done was a short run.

True Confession: The call of forbidden food and drink got the better of me today. I cannot lie. Chocolate-covered pretzels and Crunchy Flaming Hot Cheetoes, not to mention a few glasses of the wine that I had purchased for one specific recipe. Oh, and way too many slices of bread to soak of the sauce from dinner. Is it OK that I rationalized it all by lumping it into the category of carb-loading for my race on Sunday?

Dinner: Stewed Chicken with Pastis.

Day 12

Rest day. Again, not by choice but out of a certain necessity. Yoga was on my agenda.DSCF1730

Dinner: Stuffed Tomato Au Gratin with Sauteed Salmon Filet.

Day 13

3 mile run, mostly uphill at a 4% grade.


Dinner: Asparagus and Pea Risotto


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