Diary Of New Year Resolution: Week 1

All the recipes I use in today’s post are from Prevention’s Quick and Healthy Low-Fat Cooking.

Day 1:

Slow 3.1 mile run, followed up with a chocolate protein shake made with fat-free milk and Muscle Milk Lite powder.

My scale informs me that I am about ten pounds overweight. If that were all muscle, I wouldn’t complain. But, sadly it’s not. The only way to lose it is to not feed it! So, one of my resolutions is that I am cutting out all empty carbs and extra sugar. This includes going light on the pastas and breads, and eliminating crackers, pretzels, and chips, and drinking alcohol only in the company of friends.

DSCF1671Dinner: herbed chicken roll-ups in artisan-style corn and whole wheat tortillas and Tangy Zucchini Spears.

Day 2:

Gym day. Fat-burning intervals on the treadmill, interspersed with weights. A quick 45 minute, yet amazing, workout! Myoplex Carb Control Chocolate Protein Shake (25 grams of protein) after the workout to replenish the muscle.

DSCF1672Dinner: Red and Green Salad (a.k.a. Waldorf Salad ~ romaine, apples, walnuts, celery, and crumbled blue cheese with low fat yogurt and mayonnaise dressing) and a scoop of Eggnog ice cream left over from Christmas.

Reflection on the moment: The reflection in the unbiased mirror in the locker room is reflecting the true nature of the state of my body. The mirror in my bathroom has been lying to me all this time. The Lycra in my gym clothes is no longer capable of controlling the flab. Yikes! Note to self – Re-check in 4 weeks…..

Day 3:

Swim and sauna. Swam roughly a mile worth of laps. Had to use the kids’ freeswim pool, which is only 4 feet deep and warmer than the lap pool. I tried not to be too concerned with why the water was so warm.

In the sauna, someone had used Vick’s rub while sitting in there at some point before I walked in. The reek almost asphyxiated me initially; but as I sat there while the menthol fumes swirled through the air and the hot steam, each breath I took pushing the fumes deeper into my lungs, it almost started to feel good when I inhaled. Exhaling was not so pleasant. I bet the lady sitting in there with me thought I had some sort of communicable disease. But, with the blindness caused by all of the steam in the room, I was just a faceless hacking cough. She left before I did!

DSCF1675Dinner: Spinach and Kale Omelet; square of dark chocolate for dessert.

Rant of the day: If you are using a lane for laps, and you know that someone is waiting to use that lane after you, please keep moving. Don’t hover at the end to adjust your goggles or to catch your breath, particularly when, only 5 minutes later, you decide that you are done with your workout and I am stuck in the pee water of the kiddie pool. It’s just not right, not to mention that it’s completely annoying!

Day 4:

Gym day (preceded by a Promax Energy Bar because I had not eaten much beforehandDSCF1680). Interval training with cardio zone training and weights. I found myself feeling bored with the weights routine. This means that I have to buy a personal training session so I can get a different routine to follow. The last thing I need is boredom with my routine.

Dinner: Potato Nachos and Turkey Pastrami-wrapped Fruit. Oh, and I should confess that I cheated and ate a bag of popcorn while watching movies with my daughter. Ooops! And, no, it was not the healthy popcorn. What would be the fun in that?

Day 5:

Slow 4 mile run. While most people preparing for the 3M Half Marathon are now tapering, I am simple maintaining my base endurance skills. However, having done this a few times before, I feel safe in saying that I am probably in better shape to run 13.1 miles than about 75% of the other runners on the field. I will prevail!

Dinner: Leftovers.

Day 6:

Rest day…mainly because it is a travel day. But everyone needs some rest, once in awhile.

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