Finding My Balance Again: Ferry to Dauphin Island

I headed west today. I boarded the Mobile Bay Ferry at Fort Morgan at the far west end of Gulf Shores. Along with the other people and cars, I was joined by many winged travelers.


The “real” Flock of Seagulls

DSCF1627 DSCF1628 DSCF1629 DSCF1630

Arrival at Dauphin Island and exploring what it has to offer.


A mound of sand, at sea level, rarely exits unscathed from a storm.


Lone sentinel at the ferry landing


The oddest shape for a house

DSCF1637 DSCF1641 DSCF1642

Heading back east, I stopped outside of Mobile for a bite to eat at Felix’s Fish Camp Restaurant. Little did I know, when I changed my mind and got off at Exit 30 instead of proceeding back to Gulf Shores, what a treat I was in store for…and the highlight of my day.


The most extensive and beautiful sunset I have ever seen


Battleship Park in the distance


Great architecture…and at night the skyline is lit up in red and green

DSCF1650 DSCF1651 DSCF1648

And the grand finale before I headed back to Gulf Shores…


Moon Pie a la Mode…yummmmmyyyy!

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