Sandy Hook: Stop The Blame Game (if only for the children!)


What I am about to write might offend some people.

This is NOT my intention. It is only my intention to write what I feel; maybe to start a discourse.

Before I start, I would like to offer a prayer for the children and their families:

Lord, please gather close to you the victims of Sandy Hook. Please wipe away their fear and keep them in Your light and presence. Lord, please spread Your love and warmth over those left behind, that they may understand that You have their loved little babies safely in Your arms forever.

Now, please do the following before you read any further:

  • Remove the plugs from your ears.
  • Use this key to open your mind and your heart.
  • Put your finger(s) down and tie them to your side or sit on your hands.


In the aftermath of the tragedy in Sandy Hook, it is not only the children and their families who are mourning. Parents, teachers, children and so many people all over the world are trying to come to grips with the senselessness of it all.

I believe this is part of being human: we try to find meaning in chaos.

In so doing, we look into the chaos and latch onto anything we can make sense of. Many facets of this tragedy are coming into the spotlight in just this manner as we all try to make sense of the chaos. The proponents of these facets are trying to put the spotlight on their beliefs and what they think caused this tragedy. This is a means to order and understanding. If we can put order to it, package it neatly and put it in a box, we might be able to stop it from happening again. We might be able to fix it.

Unfortunately, as with anything else where humans are involved, it is impossible to identify THE cause, that one big factor. Because there are too many factors that are too convoluted. Humans are complicated creatures. Medical and psychological sciences are still wrangling with the complexities of defining behavior. They try to label it, attempt to package it. They are usually wrong or not completely on target.

There is no one cause to this abomination.

Any attempt to take sides, whether from a political or self-promoting platform, is fruitless and will lead to more chaos, more polarization, more strife. Bottom line: taking sides will NOT solve a problem that may not have a solution.

If there is a solution, it will not be solved quickly. The problem was not created quickly.

Let’s review some facts:

  • The only one who caused this event is the shooter: not his guns, not the media, not his upbringing, not the circumstances of his life. He made the choice to take those actions that day and he will reap his just reward.
  • There are multiple facets that might have influenced his choice of action. All humans can be influenced to make one choice over another; but, in the end, it is still each human’s choice, the initiation of free will, to take individual action.  
  • The shooter took a course of action independently, working from the inside out. We, as those left in the wake, cannot hope to find the answer by looking at the outside.
  • We cannot look into the shooter; he is dead. As such, all the analysis in the world will never lead us to THE CAUSE. It will only lead as to presumptions and assumptions.

If we, as a society, truly want to make this violence go away, we have to try a little bit harder than just blindly pulling out one element and blowing it out of proportion. Furthermore, we have to quit looking to the outside to answer and solve problems that are most likely coming from the inside.

From an inside that only God knows for sure.

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2 thoughts on “Sandy Hook: Stop The Blame Game (if only for the children!)

  1. Pam Baldwin says:

    Did you read what Mike Huckabee wrote? IT’s right on track….

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