Galaxy Moviehouse and Eatery: Better Than Home

Several years ago, my brother built an in-home theater. I immediately fell in love with it the first time I saw it and experienced it.

The overstuffed, cushy, leather sofa, the warm colors, the big screen. Not to mention the wet bar in the back.

It wasn’t a big room, but it was a place I could get used to. More than only get used to…it was a place I could escape into when watching my favorite movies.

I have finally found a place that comes about as close to that feeling as I will ever get…and I found it at Galaxy Moviehouse and Eatery.

Even better, Galaxy not only figured out the winning formula, but they perfected it.

The comfy leather recliners…sitting in one of these is like lying in bed. All that was missing was my favorite feather pillow.  The perfect way to watch a movie: recline and relax! IMG_0030

The spacing between the recliners…I didn’t feel afraid to take my sweater off for fear of elbowing my neighbor in the face. Nor did I worry that my head would end up on his shoulder, complete with snoring and a little drool, when I fell asleep in the middle of the movie.

The warm décor…felt like home, in my own theater, with 50 of my closest friends.

The food…was restaurant quality and great variety. On the menu: half a dozen different pizza varieties, fish and chips, sandwiches, and an eclectic chicken pesto pasta made with pumpkin seed pesto. Yummy! And, let us not forget the obligatory bowl of buttered popcorn! Yes, REAL popcorn in a REAL bowl!

The refreshments…OK, soda is great at a movie. And Coke Icee at the movie is my trademark. But, I can’t knock the opportunity to enjoy a cold beer while watching my movie. And a draft at that. Mixed drinks are on offer as well.

The service…nothing beats NOT having to run down to get a refill of popcorn or soda. I enjoyed the movie and the experience so much more knowing that a server was checking in on me and that getting my refills would not result in me missing any part of the movie.

The cost…not much more expensive than dinner and a movie.

The convenience…I loved being able to drive to one location, park once, sit down once. That beats hands down the hassle of the other way.

Galaxy has become my movie venue of choice for all of these reasons. I only hope that they don’t change the price when they find out what a jewel they have. If they do, I might have to re-evaluate.

In the meantime, you can find me at Galaxy in 2013.

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