Christmas Miracles

There is only one true Christmas miracle. That miracle is the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. So, before I even begin, I would like to draw attention to that fact.miracle-birth-christmas-card[1]

On a smaller note, there do occur, on a daily basis, other types of miracles. These miracles may be less significant on the larger scale of things; but, they are nonetheless a reason to hope.

These miracles are all around us, if we only open our eyes to them.

They are in a smile or helping hand at just the right moment, a check or money that you didn’t expect, or a shoulder to lean on as you are preparing to go it alone.

These are the types of miracles that occur daily if we open our eyes and hearts to their everpresence.

I spent this past Sunday unpacking Christmas decorations in preparation for celebrating the season again.

The backstory is that I have spent the last two years in a hiatus. I hid from joy, from happiness, from pleasure as I dealt with the pain and frustration that was part of my journey at that time.thCA2P77HU

I have made it out of that and am on the other side, standing strong with my kids and facing a new life. What better time to pull out the Christmas cheer in a big way.

But, I was worried as I moved the boxes from my garage to the apartment. I was mostly concerned about what type of emotion some of the items would evoke. So many memories of sweet times. What would it feel like to see, touch, and hold those things after so long a time and so many missed steps and repetitive broken family experiences? Tangible memories of a time long gone.

Obviously, I was not prepared for the joy I felt in pulling those items out. I definitely was not prepared for the positive spin I was able to put on an event that I was sure would bring me down.

Small Christmas miracles.

I had four strands of lights packed in one of those boxes. Each one of those strands was fully functional. No missing lights. No tangled mess. No thought or need to waste time fruitlessly trying to figure out which fuse needs to be replaced or screaming at it when it still won’t work…Miracle #1.thCAR06NTK

The same Christmas decorations that had brought on the same emotions all these years evoked the exact same emotion of warmth and comfort as ever, despite me and my worrying…Miracle #2.

It is possible to reinstate and recreate family holiday traditions, regardless of the tragedy of loss and heartache. Where there is a will, there is a way. Cookie baking, decorating the apartment together, fun, and frolic…Miracle #3. DSCF1573

I found real paper Christmas cards in my Christmas supplies. It has been at least five years since I sent ‘real’ Christmas cards. What a cool idea to go retro and buck the hold of the e-Card wave!…Miracle #4.

I also found the Christmas storybooks. I wonder if my teenage kids will tolerate reading Christmas stories out loud like we used to when they were little?…Miracle #5.

I am thankful to be in “the here” now. I choose not to look back. Dwelling on what was is counterproductive to the “what is and could be”.  The daily small miracles in my life are not back over my shoulder; they are right in front of my eyes. All I have to do is keep my eyes wide open to see them in all their splendour.miracle_of_christmas[1]

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