R-T-H: In Training Week 1

I was off to a great start this week, if only  because I did not let my work schedule overwhelm my training schedule.

Day 75: Long slow run.

3.1 miles at my optimum fat-burning heartrate. Felt really good throughout. No burnout at the end of it; in fact, I could have gone another mile.  Started cutting out the bad carbs from my diet and focused on proteins and high-complex carbs, like fruits and veggies. LOTS of water….

Day 74: Gym day.

Fat-burning intervals on the treadmill, combined with a weight lifting and core-building routine created for me by my trainer. As I walked out of the gym, I glanced at the clock and realized I had been there for over an hour and a half! For dinner, picked up some pre-made healthy meals from the gym’s café: Pesto chicken and broccoli. Tasted almost as good as my cooking!

Day 73: Cycling.

I did about 15 miles. It was a beautiful day and I had no planned route; so it was the perfect opportunity to explore. Saw a road that leads to a local ‘beach’ area that I have heard some locals talk about. I want to scope it out in the truck first, and then make it a planned route for my next cycle. Really, just need to know in advance how many more hills I can anticipate!

Day 72: Rest day.

Birthday weekend!! I will be making up for the partying and good times in Week 2!

Even after only a week of training, I can feel the fat burning off and I can see the results, not only in what I see in the mirror, but in what I feel in my body and how I feel in my mind.


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