Image of Austin

The last day of Austin City Limits Music Festival


This was the crowd waiting to see The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I took this shot at about 6:45PM. The band did not take the stage until after 8:30pm. We had a spot way up in front. But, this was the scene I had to wade through to get to where we were sitting. Once it got dark, that became even more of a challenge.

Moral of the story: When you attend a large music festival, be prepared to have to act like a rat in a maze. You will make trips to the Port-a-Let, to the food and beer stands, to other venues to listen to other bands. As the crowds grow, and as your fellow festival-goers stake their spots with blankets, coolers, and collapsible chairs, you will have to become more creative in finding ways to navigate through them without pissing them off.

Finding your way back is a topic for another post.


One thought on “Image of Austin

  1. John Reyes says:

    Good point!

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