Yoga Again

I am sore today.

I can tell already that I will be sore through the weekend.

I had an idea it would be bad when I saw the name of the class – Slow Burn Yoga.

I knew it would be bad when the instructor praised the virtues of Epsom salts for sore muscles…she mentioned this about halfway through the class.

Definitely knew it would be bad when I felt it creeping into my every muscle after only 12 hours after class.


So, yes, I finally hit the yoga studio at my new gym yesterday. Finally, after a few years without it and trying to get back to it. The perfect time to start is now, for a few reasons.

First, the gym I belong to now is amazing and makes it almost impossible NOT to take up yoga again. If you do not belong to a gym, or are looking to trade up, Check out Lifetime Fitness. It has everything under one roof (indoor and outdoor pools for laps, multiple suanas, complete yoga and pilates studio, massage therapy, salon, café), just like a Walmart, but it is clean and sleek, just like a Whole Foods.

The perfect dream for an athlete. Cross-training is a no brainer in a place like this.

Because the place has a complete yoga studio, it just made sense to add yoga back into my routine. I am already paying for it in my membership. No need to go out to another location to get it anymore.

Another reason to add it back in is my memory of the many benefits I gained from it a few years ago and my desire to get that back again. A few years ago, I did Bikram Yoga for about six months.

It was tough the first few classes. But, once I got used to the heat and learned the positions and the flow, after 2 months of regular classes I was as tone and in shape as I could be, in ways that months of running and weight-training probably could not have done. In addition, yoga works the core – abs and back – to not only shape but strengthen. Plus, it calmed me on an emotional level as well. I guess shivasana will do that….

Great for runners. Good for everyone.

And, because I am in full training for my half-marathon coming up in January, I am looking for ways to get back into that shape, both mentally and physically, so that I can blow through that race in 2 hours or fewer.

That is my goal and yoga is key.

Even as I walked out of my class, sore and sweaty, I did so with the intent to go back for some of the other styles that the club offers.

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