You Only Live Once ~ YOLO.

I first heard this term several months ago. It was used in a cartoon and it stuck with me.

YOLO is best spoken with no emotion and a monotone voice. Any other way of speaking it ruins the effect.

Just another acronym to shorten and expedite quips and statements about life that, at their normal length, take way to0 long to say.

Remember, life is speeding up and speeding by. Everything in life is somehow being truncated for faster understanding. Like cutting up food for a baby so he can chew and digest it easier, we are moving in this direction with everything, including the way we speak with each other. If it is not fast and easy, no one has time for it.

Hence, You Only Live Once has been incorporated into our current lexicon as simply “YOLO”.

Urban Dictionary defines it as a phrase someone might use to excuse something stupid they just did. It also further “categorizes” it as one of the most annoying abbreviations ever. I don’t know about that, it’s kind of cute. Just don’t overuse it.

But, Urban Dictionary also uses YOLO as somewhat of a synonym for the phrase “Gangnam style”.

What gives with that? Does it refer to something stupid…or does it refer to living the life? Let’s make up our minds. I’m now officially confused.

I found other bizarre and twisted instances of YOLO. Did you know:

  • that there is a Yolo Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, FL? It looks fairly upscale. Next time I am in that part of Florida, I think I might check it out. YOLO.
  • that there has apparently been a death by car crash caused by the driver texting YOLO?
  • that Zac Efron has YOLO tattoed on his hand AND that YOLO is his personal mantra? YOLO.
  • that there are companies out there with the name YOLO…one is a boarding company (yes, you guessed it, surfboard manufacturer) and the other is a frozen yogurt company. YOLO.

It appears people have caught onto YOLO. It also appears that maybe Urban Dictionary got it wrong, or maybe the meaning is morphing into something else as the phrase takes hold.

Either way, it is cute…just don’t overuse it. Now I am wondering if Words With Friends recognizes it. I will let you know.


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