R-T-H: Week in Review 9.15

When I do the right things the right way, I find I get the expected results.

When I set my goals, and actually follow through with them, I feel successful and this propels me forward.

  • I finally got in the pool and used muscles that I have not used in some time.
  • I had the first of 3 free sessions with my trainer, Nichol. We worked my weakest area, upper body, until it screamed. And, if it screamed during the session, you can only imagine what it was doing 2 days later. Talk about using muscles I have not used in a long time…..I think those muscles are hoarse by now.
  • I sat in the sauna for about 15 minutes and, during that time, I think I dropped a few inches of flab….or at least that is what it felt like. My size 5 jeans fit a little better after that.
  • I began my zone training. The guidelines for this came directly from the CardioPoint test I took a few weeks ago. This type of training is critical for two reasons. This type of training will train my body to work more efficiently with the fuel source (carbs and fat), which will result in a faster race in January AND burning the fat that has crept into my midsection.

The only thing I did not get to do, which was on my list, was yoga. I know from past experience that when I begin incorporating that into my training routine my body will tighten up and I will get the shape that I am looking for. It will also enhance my core, which will directly affect my running efficiency.

Yoga…my ambition for this week.

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