Is that even a word, or did you just make that up?

I had this conversation yesterday with a friend. I swore he made it up or heard it wrong. After all, I am the wordsmith. How could I not know that word, nor ever even heard it?

I vowed to Google it. He scoffed, as usual.

“You’re just trying to prove me wrong!”

No ~ it’s simple curiosity, my friend.

Here is what I found on a website called World Wide Words. And the author of the e-Zine even purports it as one of the most popular of English words and poo-pooed the person who asked the question for not ever having heard of it.

The nerve…

Doing a little more research, as I have the tendency to do, I found the following as well:

  • Skosh is the name of a British band. You can find them on Facebook.
  • Skosh is the name of a UK-based graffitti artist.

I love the fact that I have learned something new, and have added a new word to my arsenal in Words With Friends.

However, this poses a much bigger problem. Now I have to tell my friend he was right.

….and that, my friends, is the real issue.

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